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Samyang Packaging’s main purpose is to fill up your life with abundance and convenience.

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Samyang Packaging is taking a new, bold leap forward as the largest PET bottle manufacturer in Korea and an aseptic filling specialist after merging with Asepsys Global Co., Ltd. in July 2015.

Since Samyang Packaging began commercializing PET bottles for the first time in Korea in 1979, the company has been manufacturing and selling PET bottles that are used for various types of food and beverages. The company is also involved in the PET recycling business as well as the aseptic filling business under the brand name of ‘Asepsys’ to provide better service for our customers.

The company has been consistently putting forth efforts in providing various packaging solutions by developing new technologies and materials while creating innovative designs in consideration of providing products that satisfy the needs of our customers as our top priority. As a result, the company was able to develop a multi-layer PET bottle and weight lightening technology and introduced the aseptic filling system for the first time in Korea in order to promote differentiated innovation.

Samyang Packaging will continue to promote mutual growth by providing special values to our customers and evolve as a global packaging company.

President, Samyang Packaging Lee Gyeongseop