Socaial Contribution

Social Contribution Activities

Samyang Corp. endeavors to create a clean environment and to be in harmony with its neighbors through sharing.

Education (private-sector scholarship foundation)

The country’s first private-sector scholarship foundation, Yangyoung Foundation, was established in 1939 by Samyang founder Chairman Kim Yeon-su, and in 1968 Sudang Foundation was established by the chairman and his children. Since 2006, Sudang Foundation, in deference to the founder’s spirit of benefiting the nation by fostering industries, and of nurturing talents, has been giving out the annual Sudang Prize, a KRW100 million cash prize by category, to excellent achievers in the basic sciences, applied sciences, and humanities and sociology sectors.

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Environmental conservation activities

Samyang Group has conducted diverse environmental- conservation campaigns. Since 1996, in conjunction with Korea Environmental Preservation Association and Huvis, we have been holding Nature-Loving Green-Heart Essay Writing/Picture Drawing Festival, in which 10,000 people, including the students in Jeonju and their parents, participate. Elementary school children draw pictures, and middle school children write essays to help awaken their minds to the importance of environment. The event has been acclaimed as an exemplary corporate environmental campaign. Samyang’s employees volunteer their time and efforts for this event.
In addition, our branches nationwide conduct environmental-protection campaigns such as One Company, One River Cleanup and One Company, One Mountain Conservation.

One Company, One Village Sisterhood

Each Samyang Group business unit has entered into a sisterhood agreement with a nearby farming village to enhance its understanding of values of farming areas and to help induce the balanced development for farmers under alliances with farmer’s cooperatives. Mutual aid and exchange activities have been actively performed with farming villages, including protection of the environment, provision of helping hands in the peak farming seasons, and sharing of cultural and welfare exchanges in rural areas.

Habitat Campaign

In alliance with Nonghyup Bank, Samyang conducts the One Company, One Village sisterhood campaign with the villages near our business premises to boost the understanding of agricultural villages and to pursue balanced development between corporations and agricultural farmers. For our sisterhood villages, we conduct campaigns such as that for the protection of agricultural environment, we help them with their work during the busy farming season, and we provide rural areas with cultural and welfare support.

Briquette Delivery

Samyang participates in the Briquette Delivery campaign to assist socially weak people - elderly people living alone, teenage-supported homes, disabled people, and low-income families – in heating their rooms during the cold winter. Our employees raise funds through donations and proceeds from charity bazaars, and buy, donate, and deliver briquettes, demonstrating a spirit of sharing.

Beautiful store Dongdaemun Outlet

Samyang operates Beautiful Store Dongdaemun Outlet to create a society where the people live together in harmony, and a world where the people share with one another. Beautiful store sells items donated by companies and citizens, such as clothes, shoes, bags, books, music records, kitchen appliances, accessories, baby goods, and leisure goods. We use the proceeds from this sale, create a public fund, and use it for various charity projects. Samyang not only opens Beautiful Store outlets but also gathers items companywide and conducts donation campaigns. Samyang’s employees, together with their family members, volunteer their time and efforts in serving at the shops.

Beautiful Bundle Sharing

To help our poor neighbors, Samyang’s employees and their family members participate in the Beautiful Bundle Sharing event each year to share warm hearts with our isolated neighbors. We hold this event early in the year, and we visit teenage-supported homes, single-parent homes, grandparent-headed families, elderly people living alone, and other marginalized people to deliver bundles of sugar, rice, and other daily necessities to them.

Samyang Corp. Woman Cycling Team

Since 1986, Samyang Group has been supporting and operating women’s cycling team, an unpopular sport event, thus positively engaging in social-responsibility activities in the field of sports.