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Chairman Kim Yoon, who is also the chief director of the Youth Hope Foundation, participated in the 7th Parang Manito Appointment Ceremony held at the main auditorium of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office on September 4.

‘Parang Manito’ is a mentoring activity organized by the Youth Hope Foundation to help young people adapt to their everyday life through a one-on-one mentoring program between youth and adults. Samyang Group employees also take part in the activity as mentors.

This ceremony was participated in by a total of some 90 people including seven of Samyang Group’s employees, college students, officials of the prosecutor’s office, and appointed people who all act as mentors for the program. The ceremony was composed of an introduction of Parang Manito activities, presentation of excellent mentoring cases, awarding of the appointment letter, and greetings by Chairman Kim Yoon.

Chairman Kim Yoon said, “I hope that the mentors will continuously carry out their mentoring activities without forgetting their original intention in order not only to achieve mentee’s growth and changes, but also that you, mentors, will develop yourselves too.”

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