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- Raising security awareness, boosting military morale and initiating various programs together to strengthen the relationship between the public and the military
- Sponsoring products for military personnel and hosting special employment seminars to support their employment in the future
- Signing a cooperative agreement with the 23rd Infantry Division to assist frontline military personnel, who work under the most difficult conditions and execute the most challenging missions


On December 28th, Samyang Corporation signed a ‘1 Company - 1 Barrack’ cooperative agreement with the 23rd Infantry Division in Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do.

The cooperative agreement campaign is one in which a private corporation signs an agreement with an infantry division and establish positive relations with one another. Following this agreement, Samyang Corporation and the 23rd Infantry Division will join forces to raise security awareness and to strengthen the relationship between the military and the public through various collaborative initiatives.

First, Samyang Corporation is providing opportunities for military personnel to recharge themselves while in the military, by supplying Samyang Products like Homemade mix and ABOUT ME facial masks. Special lectures on job seeking, including those on resume-writing, job interview trends, etc. are to follow, in order to support the military personnel’s job search activities.

The 23rd Infantry Division is providing base visits, security education sessions, military camp experience, etc. for employees and their families of Samyang Corporation. They also plan to invite employees of Samyang Corporation and their families to various festivals and events at the base, making time for the two parties to bond.

Samyang Group is a corporation that actively gives back to the society, with their philosophy of “Providing the opportunity to dream.” Their social initiatives include providing financial support to students in need and support for basic science and humanities through two scholarship foundations of Yangyoung Foundation and Sudang Foundation. To date, the two foundations have provided tuition and research support to over 20,000 students, around 600 professors, research foundations, etc.

Recently, Samyang Group, along with their establishment and development of scholarship foundations, is increasing their social contribution to environmental conservation and promotion of health through utilizing the characteristics of their successful businesses in food, chemical, packaging, and biopharmaceutical industries, following their vision of “Ingredients that Add Value to Life.”

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