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- Held at the Daejeon Samyang Group R&D Center, the Samyang Science Camp hosts 100 students in the 5th and 6th grades over the course of two days and one night.
- Samyang Corporation and Samyang Packaging Company began hosting this annually-held camp starting last year in order to foster young peoples’ interest in science.
- This camp’s main mission is to reinforce the importance of resource recirculation and environmental protection through activities involving recycled materials.






Samyang Group (Chairman Yoon Kim) cultivates and encourages the dreams of future scientists.


Together, with Korea Food for the Hungry International, Samyang Group invites 100 students in the 5th and 6th grades from nearby elementary schools to attend the ‘Samyang Science Camp’ starting the 18th and lasting two days, one night.


The Samyang Science Camp, hosted annually by Samyang Corporation and Samyang Packaging starting last year, gives elementary school students the opportunity to make their science dreams come true by allowing them to conduct various experiments and experience what it is like to be a true scientist.


The elementary school students who attend this camp can take part in programs such as △future car making, △virtual reality experience, △Bluetooth speaker making, and △trash-sorting Goldberg machine-making. These activities will allow students to discover and experience scientific principles in real life.


The future car making program begins by educating students about the various forms of future cars and engineering plastics (lightweight automobile materials), and is then followed by a model car-making activity.


During the virtual reality experience, students can learn about virtual reality, which is defined as a key technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. While experiencing environment-oriented VR content, students will also learn about possible future occupations within the field.


Students will have the opportunity to make Bluetooth speakers and Goldberg machines with recycled materials while learning the importance of environmental protection and resource recycling. The Goldberg machine - a machine that performs simple jobs through a complicated chain of reactions - helps develop creativity in students in both the designing and the assembly processes.


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