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PET Bottle

PET Bottle are used as packaging material for food and beverages as well as household items due to their extremely durable, heat and pressure resistant, transparent, and recyclable characteristics.

PET Bottle entered the spotlight for replacing glass and aluminum cans at home and abroad when they became widely recognized for their unique non-toxicity, transparency, integrity and chemical resistance. In particular, PET Bottle has proven to have no environmental hormone problems.

Samyang possesses the most light-weighted preform for drinkable spring water and does its utmost to provide the most appropriate packaging solution that satisfies the needs of our customers through consistent technical development. In addition, the company obtained ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 certifications and is strictly managing the quality and hygiene of its products.

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The Characteristics of PET Bottle

  • 1. Safety : It does not spoil the flavor of the food as a food/beverage PET Bottle. It is harmless to the human body and does not lead to the generation of environmental hormones.
  • 2. Gas Barrier Properties : Compared to other plastic PET Bottle, PET Bottle capably block CO2 and O2 and keeps the beverage fresh for a long time.
  • 3. Lightweight : It is easier to transport and handle PET Bottle than other types of PET Bottle since they are 15 to 20 times lighter than glass bottles of the same size.
  • 4. Excellent Formability : Compared to aluminum cans, glass, paper, or other types of plastic PET Bottle, it is easier to create various shapes of PET PET Bottle due to their excellent formability.
  • 5. Transparency : The clear type PET Bottle increases the product value of the content inside. Since all PET Bottle are recyclable after use, it does not generate any harmful substances and prevents environmental issues.

The Use of PET Containers

The Use of PET Bottle
Type Use Product Characteristic Note
Heat-Resistant Bottle A PET Bottle for high temperature filling beverages (Juices, sports drinks) - For 86-92℃ high-temperature pasteurization and filling
- The mouth of the bottle is crystallized to prevent changes in the shape of the mouth during high -temperature pasteurization
- a design panel is required to prevent any changes in the shape caused by vacuum during cooling after filling
The mouth is crystallized
Heat- and Pressure- Resistant Bottle Fruit drinks/ carbonated drinks with milk -For pasteurization of carbonated drinks containing less than 2.5 volumes at 65℃. The mouth is crystallized
Pressure-Resistant Bottle Appropriate for carbonated drinks containing less than 4.5 volumes
-Maintain the bursting strength due to pressure while filling
- a streamlined design to endure the internal pressure
- a design that can bear stress cracks Petaloid Type
Normal Pressure Bottle A PET Bottle for beverages that can be kept at room temperature and normal pressure. and drinking spring water, soju - for filling at room temperature and normal pressure
- low AA (acetaldehyde) for spring water bottles