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Aseptic Filling

The Aseptic Filling System that Samyang Packaging introduced for the first time in the domestic market is an advanced beverage filling system that operates the entire process of beverage production in a bacteria-free environment.

Aseptic Filling avoids long time pasteurization of beverages in a high temperature in order to minimize the destruction of nutrients. The system instantly cools beverage after flash pasteurization to retain the unique flavor of beverages.

For the first time in Korea, Samyang Packaging constructed an aseptic plant that can produce as much as 450 million bottles per year in Gwanghyewon. The factory provides a one-stop production system which produces preform, molding, mixing beverages, filling beverages, and packaging with its advanced facilities and technology. In addition, the company also created a brand name for the aseptic filling system, Asepsys, and included the label on all products to help consumers to easily recognize clean and hygienic aseptic filling beverages.

aseptic filling

The Difference Between Asepsys and Hot Filling

The Difference Between Asepsys and Hot Filling
Asepsys Hot Filling
Sterilization 135℃ Flash Pasteurization 132℃ Ultra-high temperature pasteurization
Filling 25℃ room temperature 90℃ high temperature
Cooling 25℃ instant cooling 40℃ or lower
Bottle Sterilization, bacteria-free 90℃ heat resistant PET


  • 1. A hygienic and safe advanced technology : Bottle caps as well as PET bottles are thoroughly disinfected and all manufacturing processes are conducted in an aseptic condition so that consumers can use the products with ease of mind.
  • 2. Keeps the flavor intact! : Uses a fully automatic multi-functional extractor to retain the unique flavor and aroma of teas and coffees
  • 3. Minimizes the destruction of nutrients! : Flash pasteurization minimizes the destruction of the nutrients contained in the food
  • 4. Eco-friendly low carbon product : Reduces the weight of PET to contribute to reducing fuel cost and carbon emissions
  • 5. Variety of PET Bottle designs : We provide light, beautiful PET Bottle of various designs to satisfy the many different tastes of consumers.

Production Process

  • Extraction > Extraction > Mixing > Sterilization > Molding > Aseptic Filling > Testing > Labeling > Packaging & Loading
Bottle type Under 2L Φ28 & Φ38 Neck, Push-pull Cap
Category tea, coffee, juice, baby formularmilk, soy milk, rice drinks, beauty drinks, health functional arinks, sports drinks
Capacity 600bpm 2Line, 660bpm 1Line
Factory Location Gwanghyewon-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungbuk
Date of Product Launch Sep. 2007
Business Characteristics Preform, PET bottle OEM beverage business

Asepsys Product Ordering Process

  • 01 Consulting - Product consulting for OEM & ODM production procedure and unit cost
  • 02 Product Planning - Products planned and developed solely by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) - Products developed by the development team of Samyang Packaging (ODM)
  • 02.01 Product Development (ODM) - Develops products after considering consumer trends and the feedback of sellers - Sets the product ratio and prepares the product standards - Tests the pilot mixing for the application to production
  • 03. Production Order Contract - Submits an estimate - Finalizes the contract
  • 04 Packaging Design - Designs the bottle - Submits the specifications for subsidiary materials
  • 05. Production - Orders and receives production materials - Produces products - Reports the production statement of each item
  • 06 Complete Product Test - Keeps the products for 7 days to test - Requests a qualified testing center for testing
  • 07 Delivery - Manages inventory and delivery of products