Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Samyang and its beverage product development specialists are equipped with the Aseptic Filling System that keeps the flavor of the beverage intact as well as the pilot beverage manufacturing facilities.

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Asepsys is a ‘brand of an aseptic filling system’ that Samyang Packaging introduced for the first time in Korea to provide clean and hygienic PET beverages to our consumers.
Did you know?
Milk-based coffee drinks and tea beverages have a higher risk of spoilage due to the acidity

Check it out! Asepsys
Asepsys lowers the risks of microbial reproduction compared to other filling technologies since beverages are immediately cooled and filled after flash pasteurization.

A clean PET beverage made in a hygienic environment, Asepsys! “Smart consumers look for the Asepsys mark when drinking beverages in a PET bottle.” "

Samyang Asepsys is a combination of the words, Aseptic Filling System, meaning bacteria-free filling.