Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Samyang and its beverage product development specialists are equipped with the Aseptic Filling System that keeps the flavor of the beverage intact as well as the pilot beverage manufacturing facilities.

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Below is the list of all products that Samyang Asepsys is producing through the aseptic filling system including the standard and Customer’s bottles.
Customer’s bottles are customized and designed as the client requested. Although it takes a longer time to develop Customer’s bottles compared to the standard bottles due to the design and molding process, the shape of the bottle that is different from the products of other companies and creates an incomparable uniqueness.

Standard bottles can be developed without making a additional separate investment in molding. The product has the advantage that it has proven its production stability and it is already used by many customers and is familiar to them.

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Image Company Brand Spec. Note
Kwangdong Pharm Corn Silk Tea 0.34L, 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)/
1L, 1.5L(Standard bottle)
Kwangdong Pharm Oriental Rasin Tea 0.34L, 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)/
1.5L(Standard bottle)
Kwangdong Pharm Jeju Premium Orage & Citron 0.28L(Customer’s bottle) Two Types
heating cabinet (left),
fridge (right)
Kwangdong Pharm Germinated Barley Tea 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)
Kwangdong Pharm Wine Tea 0.28L(Customer’s bottle)
Kwangdong Pharm Lemon Green Tea 0.34L(Standard bottle)
Woongjin Food Sky Barley 0.325L, 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)/
1L, 1.5L(Standard bottle)
Woongjin Food Corn Silk Tea 0.325L, 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)/
1.5L(Standard bottle)
Woongjin Food Ogok Nurungji Tea 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)
Woongjin Food Oriental Raisin Tree Tea 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)
Woongjin Food Buckweat Tea 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)
Coca-Cola Clear Energy Tea 0.35L(Customer’s bottle)/
0.5L(Standard bottle)
Coca-Cola Mate Tea 0.34L, 0.5L,
1.5L((Standard Bottle)
Dongsuh Food Dongsuh Pure Tea 0.41L(Customer’s bottle) - Flavor: Barley Tea, Corn Tea, Solomon’s Seal Tea, Brown Rice Tea, Rooibos Tea
Dongsuh Foods Barley Tea, Corn Tea,
Solomon's Seal Tea
0.5L(Customer’s bottle)
Dongsuh Foods TIO 0.35L(Customer’s bottle) Peach-flavored Ice Tea
Donga Otsuka Black Bean Tea 0.34L(Customer’s bottle)
Paris Croissant Cheeky Peach Tea 0.35L(Customer’s bottle)
Paris Croissant Corn Silk Tea,
Green Tea
0.34L(Customer’s bottle)
0.41L(Customer’s bottle) -Flavor:
oats, barley, chrysanthemum
Donguinara Mulberry Water 0.34L(Standard bottle)
Jandin Café Real Ice Tea 1.5L(Standard bottle)
Kwangdong Pharmaceutica Rose Hip Tea 0.34L(Standard bottle)
Hwangchil Korea Hwangchil (Korean Dendropanax) Tea 0.34L,
0.5L(Standard bottle)
Binggrae Balloon Flower Tea 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)
Dr. Chung's Food Corn Silk Tea 0.34L(Standard bottle)
Kwangdong Pharmaceutica Lemon & Gigner 0.3L((Standard bottle)) -Heat Storage Type
-Full Label(Perforation)
Korea Ginseng Corporation Red Ginseng Tea 0.34L(Standard bottle)
Kwangdong Pharmaceutica Burdock Tea 0.34L, 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)
Hyundai Pharm. Corn Silk Tea 0.34L, 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)
Les i water 0.34L(Customer’s bottle) - Flavor: Embryo bud of rice
Kwangdong Pharm. Lespedeza cuneata G. Don Tea 0.34L, 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)
Coca-Cola Korea Gold Peak 0.47L(Customer’s bottle) - Flavor: Original, Raspberry
Donga Otsuka TEJAVA 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)
Donga Otsuka Green Time 0.34L(Customer’s bottle)
Ildong Foodis Cacao Nibs Tea 0.5L(Customer’s bottle)