From production to filling
and packaging,
we offer
a One-stop Aseptic Solution.

Samyang has an Aseptic Filling System that preserves the taste and aroma of any drink, and Samyang Packaging Gwanghyewon Plant produces Aseptic PET drinks through an advanced aseptic filling system and, also, through skilled experience.


Samyang Asepsys Solution

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

A consignment production method that produces products
according to customers’ requests and attaches their trademark to them.

OEM Product Development Process
  • Customer requests
    new products development
  • Pilot test
  • Confirm the safety of the pilot products
  • Production
ODM Original Development & Design Manufacturer

A method of providing services for the entire process of product
planning, development, production, quality control, and shipment.

ODM Product Development Process
  • Customer requests
    new products development
  • Recipe development
  • Pilot test
  • Confirm the safety of the pilot products
  • Production

Advanced beverage filling system
that operates the entire process of beverage
production in an aseptic environment.

Samyang Packaging provides solutions that offer customers high levels of satisfaction by strengthening our R&D capabilities through our tech center and beverage development team.

Samyang Packaging started with PET liquid tea packaging in 2007 and since 2010, we expanded production items to include coffee, juice, formula milk, processed milk and mixed drinks. In addition, we strengthened the variety of PET beverages by expanding production lines, Aseptic PET line No.3 which can produce 38mm cap beverages, children's (push-pull caps) beverages and GMP-certified beverages in 2014 and Line No.4 which can produce carbonated and SAC beverages in 2019.

In 2021, the double cap was applied to PET beverages and Line No.5 is optimized for small-lot production of various types of products. Currently, Line No.6 is being added, which has the largest capacity line in Korea based on a single aseptic line.

Samyang Packaging Tech Center is designing containers optimized for stability, logistics, and formability by conducting studies on PET packaging materials based on our accumulated experiences and by promoting weight reduction. Also, the beverage development team constantly conducts research and development to find the finest tastes until the recipe desired by the customers is reached.


Samyang Asepsys

The brand name, Samyang Asepsys has the connotation of being part of the 'Aseptic Filling System' and it is an aseptic filling system brand that Samyang Packaging introduced for the first time in Korea to provide cleaner and more hygienic PET beverages.

Grain-based tea beverages or coffee-containing milk have a high risk of spoilage and deterioration due to their low acidity. Asepsys pasteurizes beverages at an ultra-high temperature in an aseptic state and then immediately cools and fills them, so the risk of microbial propagation is lower than other conventional beverage filling methods.


  • Hygienic and safe
    cutting-edge technology

    Because the manufacturing process is thoroughly sterile, customers can trust and consume it safely.

  • Preserves taste
    and flavor

    It protects the unique taste and flavor of tea and coffee by using an automatic multi-function extractor.

  • Minimize loss of nutrition

    it minimizes the damage to nutrients in beverages as it is pasteurized at ultra-high temperatures.

  • Eco-friendly carbon
    reduction products

    By reducing weight, it contributes to reductions in fuel costs and carbon emissions.

  • Various container designs

    With its lightweight and beautiful design, it gives consumers more enjoyment.


  1. Extraction
  2. Mixing
  3. Pasteurization,
  4. Aseptic Filling
  5. Inspection
  6. Post process
  7. Packing and


Samyang Asepsys has a variety of certifications.

  • Livestock products HACCP

  • Food HACCP

  • Health Functional Food GMP

  • Food Safety Management System

  • Quality Management System

  • Global Beverage Certification

  • Global Beverage Certification

  • Global Beverage Certification


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Posted on March 28, 2023

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