Samyang continues making efforts
for a happy society together.

The more opportunities we have for new value creation

the more we carry out more social contribution activities.

of Social

Samyang carries out various social contribution activities hoping to make everyone's dreams come true.

Samyang carries out various social contribution activities
for everyone's abundant and convenient lives.

  • Human Resource

    Yangyoung/Sudang Foundation, Youth Hope School, Blue Manito Mentoring, Samyang Women's Cycling Team

  • Environment

    Love Nature With Blue Mind : Drawing Festival, Future Science Camp, One Company One River Rehabilitation Project, Beautiful Store Dongdaemun

  • Health

    Baking volunteer activity, Health Protector for the Elderly, House Repair, Briquette Delivery, Blood Donation, Beautiful Sharing Package

Social Contribution Activities

  • Village Sisterhood
    'Rural Love, 1 Company 1 Village'

    Samyang Packaging has established a "sisterhood of rural love,1 company and 1 village" with neighbouring villages in cooperation with Nonghyup in order to spread a better understanding of rural areas and to promote the balanced development of both corporations and farmers. Mutual exchange activities with sister villages, such as protecting the rural environment, helping farmers during busy seasons, and supporting culture and welfare in rural areas are actively carried out.

  • Habitat for Humanity

    Habitat for Humanity is an activity that improves the living conditions of underprivileged neighbours such as teen heads of households, families with disabilities, and the elderly living alone, and provides a home. Samyang Packaging participates in the Love House Building Volunteer Activity hosted by "Korea Habitat" in the form of sponsorship and volunteer services.

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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