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Samyang Packaging has been making efforts to provide hygienic and environmentally considered products, representing various types of PET bottles and environmentally considered PET recycle and Aseptic Filing Systems.

PET Container

Since its first production of PET bottles in 1979, Samyang Packaging has been
producing the highest quality PET products to ensure its
customers have clean and safe everyday experiences.

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PET Recycling

Samyang Packaging is leading the way in tackling environmental pollution caused
by discarded PET bottles and conserving resources by forming a complete cycle of production,
distribution, and recycling that is unique in Korea. Through the development of recycling
technologies, the company is taking a leading role in advancing in the recycling industry.

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Aseptic Filling

Samyang Packaging creates a safe and clean beverage culture
through our advanced aseptic filling system introduced
for the first time in Korea and its skilled experience.

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We refuse the unauthorized collection of the email addresses on this website using email collection programs or other technical devices. Please note that any violation will be subject to criminal penalties in accordance with the Act on Information and Communications Network.

Posted on March 28, 2023

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