Collaborating for a better environment
through small daily actions.

Continuously improving on factors affecting the environment
and actively participating in Earth's protection for a prosperous and convenient life.


Strive to minimize the occurrence of environmental pollution.

Through corporate activities that give abundance and convenience in life, Samyang Packaging aims to contribute to the abundant life of mankind and environmental conservation by minimizing the occurrence of environmental pollution.

Mission / Direction

Create sustainable values
through eco-friendly innovation

Implement corporate social responsibility and sustainable
eco-friendliness by responding actively to the environment.
  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas

    Green Growth
    with Low-carbon

    Systematic management of greenhouse gases

    Improve energy efficiency

    Strengthen National Responses

  • Environmental Management

    Establishment of
    Management system

    Integrated management of environmental pollution

    Voluntarily encourage to reduce waste.

    Strengthen activities to reduce pollution.

  • Cycling Energy Resource

    Eco-friendly Resource

    Energy Efficiency.

    Utilize renewable energy.

    Recycle resources.

/ Performance

Actively participate in eco-friendly policies
and climate change response.

Samyang Packaging establishes goals to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, energy usage, and water usage, and actively works to achieve those goals.

Goal / Performance table
Category Goal Performance Achievement
Water Usage 2,064,814 ton 2,274,865 ton 91%
Energy Usage 2,860 TJ 2,986 TJ 95%
Greenhouse Gas
139,813 tCO2eq 144,577 tCO2eq 96%
* Source: Environmental Information Disclosure System, Business Report *As of 2021 year


Samyang Packaging strives
to provide good qualified products.

We form a systematic organization, and all members fulfill their social and environmental responsibilities to protect the environment.


ESH Management System

Samyang Packaging takes the ESH Management System as its core value system and leads sustainable safety, health and environment management to protect the environment and secure safety.

Operation Purpose

  • Comply with the Environmental Safety and Health Policy to prevent industrial accidents at workplaces.
  • Create a pleasant working environment by providing workers with ESH information.
  • Dedicated to working in a pleasant working environment through the prevention of industrial accidents.
  • Comply with social responsibilities by identifying and improving problems in advance through ESH activities.
※ ESH(Environment, Safety, Health)

General Operational Organization of ESH

Operational Organization Roles of General ESH

01. ESH General Representative Director
  • Establishment and announcement of environment/safety/health policies.
  • Provide necessary resources for environmental, safety, and health implementation and management
02. ESH Director
  • Approve detailed promotion plans for each factory
  • Support in achieving goals and detailed goals on ASP/Environment of bottles /Safety/Health
03. Leader
  • Check the status of detailed work progress.
  • Check discovered risk factors and monitor follow-up measures
04. Staff in charge
  • Establishment and implementation of a detailed work promotion plan
  • Continuous discovery and improvement of risks from the work environment and safety and health
05. Head office Management Support Team (Safety and Health Dept.)
  • Report the operational performance of safety/health to the CEO
  • Safety/health establishment, implementation, check and guide about maintenance status
  • Check the risk factors and monitor the results.
  • Review of safety/health laws and other regulations.
06. Gwanghyewon Plant Support Team (Environment and Safety Dept.)
  • Report on environmental operation performance to the CEO
  • Environment establishment, implementation, check and guide about maintenance status
  • Check for risk factors and monitor the results.
  • Review of environmental laws and other regulations.

Operational Organization of plants ESH

Safety and Health Management Director (Article 15 of the Occupation Safety and Health Act) : The person who manages a whole business site.
Prevention, planning, and establishment of industrial accidents guidelines at workplaces
Total management of matters related to safety and health management regulations, safety and health education, work environment, health checkups, etc.
ESH Director (Articles 17 and 18 of the Occupation Safety and Health Act)
Assist the Safety and Health Management Director and guide and advise the Supervisor.
Supervisor (Article 16 of the Occupation Safety and Health Act) : A person in a position of direct command and supervision
Safety and health inspection of facilities, arrangement of workplaces and securing passages, etc.
Train and instruct on inspection and use of protective devices, etc.

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Posted on March 28, 2023

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